About Me

I am an Associate Professor in Nonprofit Studies and Data Science at Arizona State University and academic director of the M.S. in Program Evaluation and Data Analytics program. I teach masters and PhD-level courses in public management, nonprofit management, applied statistics, program evaluation, urban policy, and data programming in R. 

My research broadly covers the economics of the nonprofit sector, social innovation, urban policy and data science. Topics include nonprofit entrepreneurship, capital markets for social enterprises, open science, open data, and open source software for performance management.


Ph.D. in Social Science (2010) 
Syracuse University

Masters in Public Policy (2006) 
Carnegie Mellon

CV: Updated September 2019  [ download ]


Recent Publications  [scholar]  [researchgate]

Bullock, J., Lecy, J. & Young, M. (forthcoming). “Artificial Discretion as a Tool of Governance: A Framework for Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Public Administration.” Perspectives on Public Management and Governance.

Lecy, J., Ashley, S. & Santamarina, F. (2019). “Do Nonprofit Missions Vary by the Political Ideology of Supporting Communities? Some Preliminary Results.” Public Performance and Management Review. [ download ]

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